The French Shore Tapestry unfurls like a wave rolling across the Atlantic Ocean, weaving complex links that connect a tiny Newfoundland outport community, the grand sweep of history that pitted mighty nations against each other, and a passionate artist who has created a monumental work of art. Created in France and northern Newfoundland, the memorable linen and wool mural tells the history of the region’s French Shore, from the pre-historic animals that roamed the forests and shoreline to the moment in 2006 when a few talented women in the tiny outport of Conche began their embroidering odyssey. Acclaimed French artist Jean-Claude Roy conscientiously sketched the patterns that frame the narrative; meanwhile, in Conche, Newfoundland, a handful of women gathered round a table to stitch life into his colourful images, scenes that captured their own family stories and hundreds of other sagas of courage and commerce that span five centuries in Newfoundland.

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